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What Is Elder Law?

Elder law is a legal practice that services the needs of elderly and aging clients. In many ways, this coincides with general estate planning, but there are a few topics unique to elder law. Many elder law clients are considering some type of long-term care, such as a nursing home, and need more information about qualifying for Medicaid and protecting their assets from creditors.

At Law Office Of Douglas A. Oberdorfer, P.A., our attorney works with families to make sure they understand the laws that apply to their situation and the best options they have available.

How To Help An Older Loved One

Often, our clients are the spouse or children of the elderly person who needs care. They come looking for ways to help their loved ones who may be facing health challenges or diminished mental capacity. Depending on the situation, we may help clients:

  • Create necessary estate planning documents, if they are able
  • Consider establishing a guardianship, if needed
  • Assist with long-term care planning
  • Provide recommendations for transferring property

These cases often involve transitioning to housing that provides needed care. We can help you find the right level of care and needed benefits for this important step.

Planning For Long-Term Care

Nursing home care and home health care are notoriously expensive. Most people do not have long-term care insurance to cover the costs, and they fear that using their savings will leave them or their spouse with nothing in a short time. The federal Medicaid program will cover long-term care for those who qualify for the program. The rules and regulations regarding Medicaid are complicated and change often. We highly recommend you consult with an attorney before you apply.

The Medicaid rules include limits on how much you can own in assets and still qualify. Seniors often find themselves trying to “spend down” their money in order to reach that threshold. Attorney Douglas A. Oberdorfer can explain to you which assets count, how the rules apply differently if you have a spouse and the appropriate way to spend down your assets. This guidance will help you protect as many assets as you can while still qualifying for Medicaid.

Find Out How We Can Help

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