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After an individual passes away, their estate plan must be executed. To do so, the plan generally must go through the probate process. Probate is the legal process of validating someone’s last will and testament and then executing it. It plays an imperative role in the division of a deceased person’s assets to the proper party or parties. While probate can be a complicated process, our skilled Amelia Island probate attorney & law firm can guide you through it.

What Can an Amelia Island Probate Attorney Do for Me?

Realistically, unless you are somewhat trained in Florida estate planning law, you likely do not know much about the probate process and what it entails. Additionally, you will have to deal with probate court and disputes, all while trying to grieve your loved one. For many, attempting to settle an estate is one of the last things they want to deal with while mourning.

An experienced probate lawyer can handle the legal details of your loved one’s death while you focus on grieving. Probate can become complex, and having someone in your corner who understands the legalities of the process can be invaluable. The consequences of handling probate incorrectly can be dire and cause serious fallout regarding the will in question. An experienced probate lawyer in Amelia Island can provide you with several different types of legal assistance:

  • Neutral Third Party Assistance: Regrettably, the reading of a will and the verification of said will in probate court can trigger conflict among family members. It is common for financial talks to cause arguments, with some even threatening legal action if they feel they are not receiving what they believe to be their fair share. A probate lawyer can act as a neutral third party to mediate family strife when things get dicey.
  • Addressing Legal Complexities: Probate law in Florida requires that a fair number of legalities be fulfilled in order for assets to be transferred in a timely manner. An experienced probate attorney will know which deadlines to meet and what paperwork to file in order for the entire process to progress smoothly and without much issue.
  • Easy Determination: Sometimes, a last will and testament is unclear about who exactly the beneficiaries are to certain assets. Other times, there is no will at all, and it is completely unclear who the intended beneficiaries of the estate are. An experienced probate lawyer will know which laws they have to navigate in order to ensure the assets are distributed accurately according to the deceased’s wishes.
  • Managing Additional Claims: There are often situations when the deceased owes a certain amount of additional debt to various third-party creditors. This debt can include hospital bills, student loans, or credit card debt. These creditors will need to meet certain requirements in order to collect what they are owed from the estate. Your attorney should be consulted before anything is paid to any creditors, as they can validate claims.
  • Resolve Conflicts With Challengers: As is often the case with will readings, there may be a number of parties who wish to contest the will’s contents or its validity. You may even want to do so yourself. An experienced probate attorney can help you contest the will in question by searching for any fraud that took place or whether or not the will met all the requirements necessary by Florida law.


Q: How Much Does a Probate Lawyer Cost in Florida?

A: The amount a probate lawyer will cost in Florida is dependent on a number of important elements. Your total costs in probate court will take into account your lawyer fees, filing costs, publication expenses, and any other additional fees your probate lawyer or the estate’s representative feels are necessary. The amount you end up paying depends on the size of the estate in question, with larger estates costing more to represent.

Q: Do I Need a Lawyer for the Florida Probate Process?

A: While you do not legally need an attorney when filing for certain kinds of probate, it is highly recommended that you retain one. After all, there is no substitute for the experience a probate lawyer holds. Probate law is complex and usually comes with high financial stakes. It is, therefore, strongly encouraged that you consult with a probate attorney or hire one to represent your interests when you proceed with the probate court.

Q: What Is the Probate Rule 5.030 in Florida?

A: Florida probate rule 5.030 requires that every personal representative in probate court must be represented by a lawyer who is admitted to practice in Florida unless the representative in question is already a lawyer admitted to practice in Florida. This rule applies to most probate proceedings, but there are exceptions to it, such as guardianship matters and situations involving the developmentally disabled.

Q: Who Does a Probate Attorney Represent in Florida?

A: In Florida probate court, a probate attorney represents the personal representative who has been tasked with managing and settling the estate of the recently deceased person in question. The probate lawyer guides the representative and helps them answer pertinent questions while providing advice and assistance when needed. The probate process can get complex, and it’s important to have someone on your side who understands how it all works.

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Probate court can become emotional, confusing, and stressful. When determining the validity and strength of someone’s last will and testament, opinions can be voiced that could cause reverberations throughout a family. An experienced probate lawyer can provide you with peace of mind that the process will be handled accurately and with care.

The Law Office of Douglas A. Oberdorfer, P.A. is determined to help residents of Amelia Island deal with probate-related issues. We do so by providing you with sound legal counsel, an advocate for your estate, and someone who can answer all of your questions regarding this lengthy and often difficult process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced team members.


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