How can an attorney help me through the probate process?

Feb 10, 2023

The death of your loved one can be a difficult time for your family. In addition to your grief and emotional duress, you may also find yourself facing the task of settling the estate of the deceased. You know this means handling property and finalizing affairs, but it can also mean addressing certain legal and financial matters in order to close a Florida estate and move forward. The process of administering an estate can be lengthy, complicated and confusing.

You may find yourself overwhelmed at the thought of navigating the process of settling the estate of your loved one. This may involve probate, selling property and more, and knowing what to expect from the process can help you prepare for what is ahead. If you are facing this task, you do not have to face it alone. In many cases, it is beneficial to have professional assistance at every step.

Expectations for the probate and estate administration process

The estate administration process involves wrapping up the affairs of the recently deceased, including selling property, passing along assets according to the terms of the will, paying off debts and more. While every situation is different, you can expect the following from the probate process:

  • Finding the will, obtaining the death certificate and filing the paperwork with the local probate court.
  • Notifying interested parties, including heirs and beneficiaries of the estate, as well as creditors.
  • Valuing and securing assets associated with the estate, such as a residential property.
  • Paying off remaining debts, filing final tax returns and distributing assets according to the terms of the will.

Even with smaller estates, the estate administration process can be complex, especially when it comes to probate issues. Missing assets, disputes among heirs and more can all complicate the process of finalizing affairs and respecting the wishes of the deceased.

Help at every step

You will benefit from having legal guidance at every step of the estate administration process, whether you are the executor of the estate, an heir, a beneficiary or other interested party. An attorney can provide assistance with estate law concerns, complications that may arise and legal challenges you could face. Before you open the estate or make any important decisions, you may benefit from seeking an evaluation of your case from a legal professional.

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