Dying without a will can create serious complications

Jan 30, 2023

One of the many benefits of estate planning is ensuring that one has the final say over what happens to his or her estate after passing. If someone dies without a valid will, it is much more than just an inconvenience for those left behind. It represents the possibility that heirs, beneficiaries and loved ones could face extensive and complex legal battles. To have control and peace of mind regarding the future, each Florida adult will benefit from having a complete and valid will in place.

Why dying intestate is a problem

Dying intestate is what happens when someone passes away without a valid will. One of the reasons why this can be complicated is that state laws will determine what happens to estate assets. Loved ones and heirs may be helpless to control what happens to the decedent’s property. It can be especially complicated when there are disputes between those who have an interest in the estate.

To prevent the possibility of losing control over what happens to estate property, each Florida adult will benefit from creating an estate plan. Through the terms of a will, one can decide what happens to property, money and more. For it to be valid, a will should be up-to-date, free of undue influence and legally enforceable.

Creating a strong estate plan

The ideal estate plan is one custom tailored to individual needs and objectives. By working with an experienced Florida estate planning attorney, one can create a plan that will give him or her confidence regarding long-term interests. Dying without a will creates needless complications, making it important to move forward with this process as soon as possible.

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