Couples without children still benefit from estate planning

Jul 31, 2021

There are misconceptions that Florida adults and couples without children don’t have as much need for a legal and financial plan for the future. In reality, estate planning is a beneficial step for everyone, including couples who do not have children. This process allows one to have control over his or her assets in the future, as well as important medical and financial decisions. This is not something to overlook. 

What should be in an estate plan?

What should be in an estate plan depends largely on the income of the couple, their plans for the future and objectives regarding their own personal care. Some important estate planning considerations for childless couples include the following: 

  • Couples should name specific beneficiaries for accounts, and this includes naming each other as primary beneficiary, as well as secondary beneficiaries. 
  • Couples should determine exactly where they want their property to go after both parties pass away. 
  • Couples may want to remember that it is possible to update beneficiaries after the death of one of the spouses. 

It is healthy to have a strong estate plan in place, even if a couple does not have children. Childless couples likely have assets and property they wish to control and distribute in the future. 

Think long-term

Florida couples who do not have children will benefit from being intentional with naming beneficiaries and updating them as necessary. It may be helpful to speak with an estate planning attorney when considering planning options. This guidance allows one to make choices that will provide long-term security.  

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