Discussing your parents’ need for asset protection planning

Apr 15, 2022

Having a conversation with your Florida parents about what could happen after their passing is not an easy conversation to have. Discussions about mortality and long-term needs are never easy, but it is often in the best interests of a family to have certain plans in place for the future. Without a comprehensive estate plan and financial documents, your parents may not have the final say over what happens to their assets. Asset protection planning is crucial for adults of all ages, especially those who may apply for Medicaid at some point.

Asset protection planning is a way for someone to have a measure of control over what happens to property in the future. By discussing the need for asset protection planning, you can have confidence knowing your parents’ interests are secure. In the same way, they will have confidence knowing that they have control over what is happening with their money and property in the future.

A way for your parents to guard their wealth

The most appropriate choices for your parents’ asset protection needs depend on the details of their estate and their objectives for the future. These strategies will shield your parents’ assets from the claims of creditors and other types of losses in the future. Asset protection planning is also a crucial component for those who may need Medicaid. An asset protection trust is a useful tool that can ensure your parents do not lose their assets in the event they apply for Medicaid assistance in the future.

By moving assets into a trust, one can address some of the complications that could arise when one is applying for Medicaid. Instead of your parents losing significant amounts of their property and wealth to go toward long-term care, this type of trust allows them to protect assets for the purpose of addressing future needs or leaving an inheritance.

A difficult but important discussion

Talking about asset protection planning is a difficult but important conversation to have. The time to talk about these sensitive matters is before they become urgent or when your parents need assisted living or nursing home care. If you are unsure of what steps your parents should take regarding asset protection planning, you may benefit from seeking an assessment of your case and explanation of legal options.

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