Mental health and planning for the future

Nov 07, 2022

Creating an estate plan can be a complex endeavor, especially for one who struggles with certain challenges. Those who are already facing mental health concerns may find it difficult to create an estate plan, but it is prudent for every individual, regardless of age, income level or health status, to have certain types of plans in place. Florida adults who have loved ones with mental health concerns can also provide support for those who are struggling with taking this step.

Helpful tips for supporting loved ones

It is not easy to discuss someone’s mental health concerns, and it is also not easy to discuss someone else’s estate plan. However, speaking about these things with a loved one can be an act of encouragement and love. The following includes tips when navigating this difficult task:

  • Discuss the possibility of the individual needing a guardian and how to legally establish that.
  • Instead of assuming that someone already has the help he or she needs, ask if that person could use estate planning assistance.
  • Help that individual get his or her documents in place, and provide assistance with organizing paperwork.

A small act of support can help a loved one take the important step of planning for his or her future. This will provide him or her with peace of mind regarding future interests.

Knowledgeable guidance is key

It can be helpful for someone to have experienced guidance as he or she navigates the process of creating an estate plan. A Florida estate planning attorney can help one create a plan that is uniquely suited to unique needs and interests. An assessment of the individual situation can provide insight into the specific estate planning documents that may be useful.

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