Not wealthy? You still need an estate plan.

Mar 31, 2023

Every adult will benefit from creating a legal and financial strategy for the future. Estate planning is a practical and beneficial step for virtually every adult, even those who do not have a significant amount of wealth. It is a misconception that estate planning is only for those who have valuable assets or a large bank account. Having an estate plan in place can provide a Florida adult with peace of mind regarding his or her future interests.

Estate planning for the average person

One of the most common reasons adults avoid the estate planning process is they believe they do not have enough wealth or a large enough estate to justify the effort. However, there are basic steps that will provide people of virtually every income level with protection and control. Most people will benefit from at least a basic will, but possibly other additional steps.

It is likely that someone who believes he or she is too broke to need an estate plan has more assets than he or she realized. Assets are more than just money in a bank account. An estate plan protects any assets one owns, including collections, real estate, vehicles and more. They also include stocks, bonds and any long-term savings.

Creating a beneficial estate plan

Creating an estate plan that makes sense for the future is important for all adults, regardless of age, income level and other factors. If a Florida adult is unsure of the specific estate planning steps that will be best for his or her situation, it may be helpful to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney. An assessment of one’s estate can provide insight into the specific steps that may be beneficial.

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