Now is the right time to start estate planning

Dec 14, 2020

Some adults do not take the time to plan for the future because they think it is not necessary in their situation. They may assume that since they are not wealthy, sick or at an advanced age that estate planning is not necessary. In reality, delaying having certain documents drafted and protections in place could lead to complications in case the unexpected happens. In order to prevent problems and maintain control over certain things, everyone can benefit from having an estate plan.

An estate plan allows Florida adults to make plans for beneficiaries who may need special considerations. For example, an heir who is too young or irresponsible to handle an inheritance may benefit more from assets left in a trust. If an adult wants to give to a specific charitable organization, a trust also allows this without having that money go through probate. Certain estate planning tools allow someone to have more direct control over his or her assets.

Creating an estate plan is also a way to care for loved ones. When the unexpected happens, a carefully crafted plan can reduce stress for a family. A will, health care directives and other documents can make it clear what someone would want to happen with money, medical decisions and other things in case of incapacitation.

Life is unpredictable, but estate planning can help take some of the uncertainty out of the future. More control and peace of mind may motivate a Florida adult to take the time to plan for the unexpected. When considering what is necessary in a plan, it may help to first speak with an experienced estate law attorney.

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