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Jul 11, 2023

Planning for potential medical needs in the future

With a thorough estate plan in place, it is possible to look to the future with confidence. Through carefully crafted plans, a Florida adult can know that his or her interests are secure and that…

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Jun 25, 2023

Trusts: Useful additions to any estate plan

Every adult will benefit from taking steps that will allow him or her to have a measure of control over what happens in the future. While it is impossible to know what will happen, drafting…

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Jun 21, 2023

Update your estate plan if these issues arise

Perhaps you’ve always been the type of person who plans ahead. For instance, if you know you must wake up early for work the next day, you lay out your work clothes and set the…

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Jun 15, 2023

When will Medicaid pay for a nursing home?

Medical care is expensive, particularly when a patient has needs that are long-term or expected to last for the rest of his or her life. As individuals age, they typically need more assistance, and at…

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Jun 10, 2023

The importance of estate planning for business owners

Owning and operating a small business comes with various challenges, and it can take a significant amount of time before a company reaches a point of profitability. Due to the nature of running a business,…

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May 30, 2023

Why is estate planning important?

Planning for what will happen after death can be an emotional and complicated process. In fact, many Florida adults avoid this process because they do not want to consider their own mortality, or they may…

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May 14, 2023

What can a Florida family expect from probate?

The death of a loved one is an emotional and complex time for a family. After the initial pain that a death can bring, those left behind are faced with the potentially difficult process of…

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Apr 26, 2023

An estate planning conversation with your children

It can be difficult and emotionally challenging to discuss what will happen to personal property after death and other matters that may arise in the future. Older children may be reluctant to discuss these issues…

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Apr 18, 2023

Including pets in an estate plan helps the whole family

It is not easy to consider the future and what will happen to personal assets and wealth after passing away. Some adults create estate plans solely focusing on the preservation of their wealth and how…

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Apr 17, 2023

Why your estate plan should include an advance directive

At some point in life, you might become incapacitated and unable to speak or act on your own behalf. While no one likes to consider such possibilities, especially those who are young, strong and able,…

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