Planning for the care of a pet in an estate plan

Mar 07, 2023

Pets are some of the most beloved members of the family, and a Florida adult may want to take steps to ensure that this family member is cared for long into the future. This is why many people take the opportunity to plan for the care of their pets when they are creating an estate plan. Like other elements of an estate plan, it is possible to custom-tailor the approach one wants to take when deciding what should happen to a pet after the owner passes away.

Pet care in the future

When an owner is no longer around to provide care for a pet, those left behind will benefit from clear instructions regarding what to do next. When creating an estate plan, a pet owner will benefit from naming the person who should assume ownership and care of the animal. It is possible to name a person to care for the animal, as well as fund its care and provision.

Any decisions made regarding a pet should be carefully outlined in the terms of the estate plan. All decisions should be in writing, and details regarding care and money are important. This clarity can reduce the chance of disputes or confusion among heirs.

Loving and caring for a pet long-term

Caring and loving for a pet can be an expensive and significant responsibility. By planning for the care of that pet for years to come, a Florida animal owner can have peace of mind regarding these important family members. It is helpful to speak with an experienced estate planning attorney regarding the creation of an estate plan that addresses the needs of pets.

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