The complex process of settling the estate of Larry King

Feb 21, 2021

When television personality and host Larry King passed away recently, it was discovered he had two wills. Although Mr. King and his wife were in the process of divorcing at the time of his passing, Mrs. King maintains she should have a share of his estate as outlined in his 2015 will. However, a second more recent will purports to cut her out completely, which will make settling the estate quite complex.  

A handwritten will

Florida adults understand the importance of a carefully drafted estate plan. The documents drafted in the estate planning process should be typed, clear and precise in explaining the wishes of the decedent. One problem with the second will drafted by Mr. King is that it is handwritten. His wife suggests it’s possible he drafted the second will under pressure from another party. 

His original will drafted in their most recent 2015 estate plan gives Mrs. King a share of his $2 million estate. In the handwritten will, Mr. King states he wants his estate only divided between his five children. Secret wills and multiple wills can cause disputes between family members, as well as lengthen and complicate the probate and estate administration process. Moreover, at the time of Mr. King’s death, they were still married, which raises additional issues about how the estate should be distributed. 

A fair outcome

When there are multiple willsit is often necessary for a Florida family to go to court to fight for a fair outcome. Settling an estate will not be possible until there is a ruling regarding which will is valid. Heirs and beneficiaries have the right to pursue a beneficial resolution to their concerns and protect the wishes of their loved ones.  

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