Updates to estate plans are essential

Oct 16, 2020

Planning for the future by drafting certain documents is a prudent step for every Florida adult, but estate planning doesn’t stop there. Once there are plans in place, it is then essential to continue to update and change these plans as life changes and objectives shift. Updates to estate plans are crucial as failing to do this can lead to complications for beneficiaries and loved ones in the future.

Estate planning is not something reserved only for those who are old or those with a tremendous amount of wealth. Dying without a will means state laws will determine what happens to the decedent’s estate. Similar complications can also happen if someone dies before making important updates and changes to a will. As life changes, so should an estate plan.

Relationships change, finances can change and goals for the future change. In some cases, changes in estate laws necessitate adjustments to existing plans in order to preserve financial interests of beneficiaries. Divorce, remarriage, births, deaths in the family and other alterations in circumstances mean that it is time to carefully review the documents in place and consider adding others as needed.

It is beneficial to work with an experienced Florida estate planning attorney when adjusting and updating plans. A careful review of what is already in place can identify what is needed and how to shield immediate and long-term interests. Whether crafting estate plans from scratch or reviewing documents, working with a knowledgeable legal ally can help an adult create plans that will provide peace of mind for the future.

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