What could go wrong during the probate process?

Jul 03, 2021

Most people are unfamiliar with the potential challenges that can arise when trying to settle a loved one’s estate. Florida families navigating the legal and financial matters that must be addressed after the death of a family member may want to familiarize themselves with the probate process. This is the process of closing an estate, which can include paying off remaining debts, filing outstanding taxes and distributing assets. Setbacks with probate can lengthen and delay the process. 

Things can that cause delays

Mistakes and unexpected issues can cause additional delays in probate, a process that can take months or years to complete. Some of the most common things that cause delays and add time to the probate process include: 

  • The decedent died without a will. 
  • There are many beneficiaries, or there are issues locating heirs and beneficiaries. 
  • Beneficiaries of the estate live far away. 
  • The estate contains assets located in multiple states. 
  • The estate contains assets that are complex or difficult to value. 
  • The estate must file tax returns before it can close. 
  • There are multiple wills or disputes over the validity of a will. 

With preparation and guidance, the executor of an estate can avoid some of the complications and issues that may add time to the probate process. 

 Help at every step

A Florida family will benefit from having experienced legal guidance when dealing with any type of estate law matter. This assistance can help one effectively navigate the probate process with minimal problems. It may be helpful to speak with an experienced attorney before moving forward.  

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