Why is estate planning important?

May 30, 2023

Planning for what will happen after death can be an emotional and complicated process. In fact, many Florida adults avoid this process because they do not want to consider their own mortality, or they may assume this type of legal step is not necessary for where they are in life. In reality, estate planning is important for virtually every adult, regardless of age, income level, health status and other factors.

Reasons to consider drafting an estate plan

An estate plan provides one the ability to have the final say over what happens to his or her property after passing. This sense of control is important, regardless of the size of the estate or other factors, including how much wealth that individual has. Other benefits of having a complete estate plan include:

  • It allows a person to control the medical care he or she may want in case of incapacitation.
  • It can ensure the care of beloved pets after an owner’s death.
  • It allows for the smooth transfer of wealth and other personal assets.
  • It can name a guardian for minor children in case of a parent’s death.

Another important reason to create an estate plan is the peace of mind one can have by knowing that his or her interests are secure.

Where should one start with this process?

It can be intimidating to start the estate planning process. If one has concerns about what steps he or she needs to take to create a strong estate plan, it may be helpful to seek the guidance of an experienced Florida estate planning attorney. An assessment of one’s estate, finances and other details can provide insight into the most appropriate estate planning steps.

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