Common mistakes when updating an estate plan

Jul 25, 2022

Life is unpredictable. Plans a Florida adult made at a specific time in his or her life may no longer be effective or applicable. This is why estate planning is not a one-time step. It is critical to carefully review all existing plans from time to time, making updates that reflect new life circumstances and needs. However, certain mistakes when updating plans could render some of these decisions invalid or increase complications for beneficiaries.

Avoid these missteps

It is possible that one could make a mistake when updating an existing estate plan without realizing it, and the issue may not be apparent until it is time to put these plans into action. When reviewing and updating plans, it is prudent to avoid the following things:

  • Failing to review all financial accounts and update beneficiary designations on certain accounts
  • Using faulty reasoning when making important decisions, such as when selecting people to act as medical, legal or financial agents
  • Forgetting to make changes to an estate plan after moving to a new state

These common mistakes can have a major impact on the future. When making any critical legal or financial decision, it is best to consider the potential long-term impact before moving forward.

Smart and practical updates

When updating plans, it is prudent to have the experienced guidance of a legal professional who can offer insight into the best possible decisions. An assessment of the specific estate plan can reveal what changes may be necessary. Regular review and updates of plans can prevent complications and issues for every member of a Florida family.

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